Social Media Optimisation and Management

No business can truly succeed online today if it relies solely on SEO or PPC. With nearly 70% of adult internet users participating on social networking sites, you can’t afford to turn a blind eye.

But social media management is not as simple as creating accounts on the most popular social networks and waiting for customers to arrive.

Social media marketing (SMM) requires constant work: actively engaging your audience by sharing fresh and intriguing content, driving brand messages and occasionally responding to a crisis are all vital parts of social media and community management.

But in order for your social efforts to succeed, you must first create a strategy. And that requires finding answers to a lot of questions.

What is the goal of your social campaign; is it raising brand awareness, generating leads or selling your product directly?

Is your target audience on Facebook or Twitter? Would you get better results from YouTube or Pinterest? Should you try LinkedIn ads, and what niche social networks are of interest to you?

How competitive is your niche, what should you do to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture the attention of your audience?

How shareable is your content and what new content should you produce, based on your target audience and goals of your social campaigns?

What We’ll Do For You

Our social media services include

  • Creating a bespoke social media strategy for your business
  • Setting up your optimised company page on Facebook; posting your content and moderating activity; obtaining new likes; setting up and managing Facebook advertising
  • Setting up your optimised company page on Twitter; tweeting your content and moderating replies; growing your followers
  • Setting up your optimised company page on Google+; posting content that is optimised for Google search and moderating replies; growing and managing your circles
  • Setting up your optimised company page on LinkedIn; sharing your content, creating groups and increasing your followers; setting up and managing LinkedIn advertising
  • Setting up your optimised company YouTube channel, sharing your content and optimising your videos
  • Setting up your optimised pinboard on Pinterest, pinning your images and increasing the number of followers
  • Identifying other social networks and social bookmarking sites where your content can reach its target audience
  • Measuring the success of your social efforts, monitoring the growth of your brand recognition and analysing how your followers convert into customers

With 10 years of experience in optimising and promoting websites, we have embraced social media as a welcome new ingredient in the online marketing mix and we’re keen to help you make the most of it.