Digital Marketing Consulting

We live in a connected world, and having an online presence is a necessity. For every company doing business today, the company website, search engine visibility, internet marketing and a social media strategy are vital tools for gaining customers. The Internet can help you increase sales, lower costs and beat your competition.

However, with constant changes to the digital landscape, crafting a digital strategy that works may seem like a daunting task. In order to succeed, you have to understand your audience, their online behaviour and their needs. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a set of tools and techniques that will deliver the marketing results you aim for. We are aware that each business needs a unique mix of strategies; and just because a certain PPC ad copy or the latest social network works for your competitor this doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you.

Nowadays, most people know that SEO is something they “should be doing”, that you can get a lot of customers with Adwords ads and that “everyone” must be on Facebook or Twitter or both. But writing optimised title tags for your pages, creating new PPC landing pages, or running a social campaign just to get that box checked on the list of your marketing activities won’t do the trick. It won’t deliver results you strive for, and your conclusion will be that you have wasted your money and that SEO just doesn’t work.

In order to succeed you must have a carefully thought out digital marketing strategy; and every strategy must start with a goal. What is it you are trying to accomplish; what should be the final result of your online activity?

Once we’ve established that, we must define the problem you are trying to solve. Is your website invisible to search engines and poorly linked, resulting in extremely low traffic volumes? Is it so difficult to use that your visitors leave before buying your product or service? In most cases, the problem you have to solve is one or more of the following: low traffic, low sales and low revenue.

Once we have defined your goal and the problem you are facing, we can determine the potential of each digital channel in solving it and how we can combine them to get maximum effect.

Does your website need fresh design, technical improvements, better usability and optimisation, or is it better to start from scratch and build a new website? We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit to determine the state of your website and suggest the most suitable solution.

What is the demand for your products/services in the search space? Competitor analysis and keyword analysis will give us the answer to that question and we’ll be able to tell how much potential traffic you can get from improved SEO. We’ll also determine which keywords can deliver fast results and what activities are necessary to help you beat your competition and rank for hard-to-get terms.

How competitive is the pay-per-click market in your industry? We’ll analyse your relevant keywords to find out how many advertisers compete for them and how high they are bidding. Taking into account your planned PPC budget, we’ll be able to extrapolate click through rates and conversion rates and come up with a custom PPC strategy to bring you high ROI.

How can your social media activities transfer into revenue? What social networks should you be using and what type of activity will successfully engage your audience? What are your competitors doing and how can you do better? Once we know the answers to those questions, we’ll be able to determine a social media strategy that will produce measurable results.

For the past 10 years we've been building, running and marketing highly successful websites in competitive markets. Whatever your market, industry and the size of your business, we can help you make the Internet work for you!